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How to Get a Job as a Pilot: Essential Tips

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Numerous companies are looking for qualified and proven professionals. Pilot jobs are available for everyone who has certain skills and education. This is a great chance for beginners to get a dream job and to realize themselves as a qualified employee.

Pilots are highly appreciated. So, don't miss suitable offers — the competition is extremely high. That is why it's crucial to prepare for the interview properly in order to pass it successfully and take an advantageous position.

This article is suitable for those who have piloting skills or experience in this field and want to find a job in aviation. We will tell you about the main points that you should pay attention to.


Tip #1 Job Search


To find a job as a pilot, start searching for open vacancies. Now there are many different pilote avion options available online. You should look for such offers on specialized job search platforms or airlines' websites.

For instance, you can get a job in any town to further develop your skills. And in parallel, search for vacancies in big cities with higher salaries and options for professional skills improvement.


Tip #2 Resume


The initial purpose of the resume is to “catch” the employer. He should be interested to know what kind of person is hidden behind all the skills and achievements indicated in the CV. Therefore, you must do this boring (according to many job seekers) work and compile a good resume. Be attentive to details and include all achievements and work experience in your CV.


Tip #3 Experience


If you are looking for a more serious position without work experience, you simply don't even need to apply for a vacancy. And this is obvious. Any major or private airline wants an experienced pilot on their staff. After all, this position implies a huge responsibility for passengers and the company's property.

Moreover, you need to practice regularly to get the right experience. For starters, you can find a job in some small company or club and realize yourself as a pilot. Once you get the right amount of flying hours, you can qualify for something more serious with the larger airlines. However, this will require patience and time from you.


Tip #4 Research the airlines

As with any job search, one of the first steps you should take is to research potential employers. Find several airlines with which you would like to cooperate and get acquainted with their corporate culture, mission, vacancies, etc. Be clear about what you generally expect from each of them.


Tip #5 Prepare for the interview


This point is closely intertwined with the previous one. Study the potential employer since you need to prepare for your interview carefully. Finding out more about the airline can help you boost your confidence during the interview. Read online reviews, talk to former and current employees of the company (if possible), explore the website, etc.


Tip #6 Make an impression


Since you are applying for a pilot position (which requires you to have certain communication and technical skills), you have every opportunity to make a good impression. Respect the formal dress code. A clean and tidy appearance can also help the interviewer recognize your professionalism, which can set you apart from other candidates during the interview.


Wrapping up


Since being a pilot requires certain skills and relevant education, our advice mainly touched on preparatory moments. Summing up, we can safely say that your employment depends on the time spent searching for vacancies, compiling your CV, interviews, and your soft skills.


You can't get a job in this field if you don't have experience in flying an airplane — it's obvious. However, your hard skills won't be enough.


Use our tips, and luck will definitely smile at you!


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